So I’ve been having a bit of a movie fest lately, mainly because when you watch a movie you don’t have to move, and rest is required for me to be in a consistent conquering mode. So the other night I watched the new Judge Dredd movie, titled Dredd. The fantastically frowny Karl Urban plays the badass judge in what I thought was actually a decent reboot. I did miss a little of Sly’s mutter-grumbles, and his big heartfelt proclamation of “I am the Law!” But Urban does a nice job channeling Dredd’s complete dedication to the system, while also kicking ass and spraying blood and organs all over the place. And he’s the Law too, and definitely shows it. I also loved Lena Headey (of Game of Thrones and 300 fame, among others) as the gang lord Ma Ma. Man that chick is a nasty badass.

So the only problem I really had with this film (and I didn’t have any expectations going in), was that while Dredd is very serious about what he does, his frown just made me giggle. Over and over. Because he looks like Grumpy Cat. And that is hilarious. So if you can get past thinking about our favorite frowning feline, give Dredd a try. It’s entertaining.

The Law is upheld…Good.



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