The Tentative First Steps

This marks a new path for me, one that I’ve been contemplating for quite a while now. I will fully admit that I have struggled with severe writer’s block for at least a year or more, and that simply will not do. I don’t feel like I can call myself a writer, when I’m not writing ANYTHING. So this blog, in theory, should ease me back in to the hot throes of writing. Right?

It’ll be an adventure, at least.

So, welcome to my experiment in fighting writer’s block. My weapon of choice to bring the joy back into sitting in front of the keyboard? Ranting and opinionating about the things that bring me joy. Mainly gaming. Though I’m currently an Xbox girl, I certainly don’t limit gaming to my beloved console. This includes other consoles (sorry PS3, I can’t include you yet, though I would love to), PC gaming (ok, by this I really mean WoW), board games, and other ventures into competition, survival and escapism. Occasionally I’ll toss in a movie review, book question or other such geek nonsense, just to spice it up. Whatever makes me happy, will maybe make you happy too. Or at least pique your interest.

Come along with me, into the belly of the beast.


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